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Gain an eye-opening perspective on the US prison system by joining inmate Jose Flores on a journey from sunrise to sunset. 5 BLOCK provides an authentic look into the life of a prisoner, exposing the daily routines, aspirations, and resilience of an individual often overlooked by society. Through Jose’s personal story, audiences are invited to reflect on their own attitudes toward incarceration and the power of redemption.

Directors Statement

While creating '5 Block,' I witnessed the profound impact of positive programming in prisons and became more passionate than ever about bringing humanity to those seeking a second chance. 


I believe the sharing of Jose “Hozer” Flore's compelling journey with audiences is a narrative that can evoke and spark a much-needed conversation about the power of rehabilitation within our prison systems. 


Jose and countless others have undergone incredible transformations, demonstrating the limitless potential that exists within each of us.

-Timur Bootzin

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