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Los Feliz Films, led by Emmy award-winning editor and creative collaborator Dan Bootzin (and co-founded with filmmaker Elizabeth Rivera-Bootzin), boasts over 35+ years of experience in the advertising world. Dan has worked on numerous national and international brand campaigns for some of the world's most recognizable brands such as Apple, Nissan, Google, Visa, and more. Their passion for storytelling and commitment to quality is evident in every project undertaken by the Los Feliz Films team.

Original Projects is led by Timur Bootzin, who has established himself as a director and producer with a deep-seated passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new creative avenues. From his directorial debut on HERMANOS, which has reached over 20 million viewers, Timur’s projects have inspired audiences worldwide. His dedication to bringing diverse perspectives to audiences has resulted in a unique approach to storytelling that deeply resonates with viewers.

Los Feliz Films brings their individual passions and expertise to every project they undertake, covering different spectrums of media.

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