Reflection (2020)

A story of choice and opportunity.

A Los Feliz Films Production.


Cinematography by David Charry


Written & Directed by Timur Bootzin


Produced by Timur Bootzin, Sequoia Sheriff


Starring: David Anthony McGill Karla Rodriguez Jose J Santana Giselle Diaz

Run Time: 10min 18s

Reflection was released online of March 2020 and has 

already received over 300 hundred thousand views on Youtube.

Hermanos (2018)

"Hermanos" (R for language and some violence / 25min) is the story of Juan and Mateo, two childhood friends whose older brothers are leaders of rival Latino street gangs.


It's about the struggle to maintain a friendship while staying loyal to family in an unforgiving neighborhood.


How far will you go for family?

A Los Feliz Films Production.


Cinematography by David Charry

Written and Directed by Timur Bootzin.

Starring: Scar, George Pakola, Jesus Medina, Axel Montana C. , Omar Camacho, Edgar Alvarez, Lee Coc.

Run Time: 25min 11s

Hermanos has had a successful online presence reaching over 12 million views on 


Music Videos

“South Central State of Mind” won best music video at the 22nd International Arpa Film Festival along with over 50 thousand views on youtube. 

South Central State of Mind (2019)

“South Central State of Mind”


Artist: V.O.T.G (Voice of the Ghetto)

V.O.T.G takes you on a journey through the South Central State of Mind.

Cinematography by David Charry

Color by Steve Rodriguez/ Apache

Directed by Timur Bootzin 

Run Time: 5min 2s